Zellara is a Varisian fortune-teller living at 3 Lancet Street in the Midland district of Korvosa. She brought Miikas “Twitch” Skiviks, Sav Dunid, and Shakro together by sending them a message written on the back of a Harrow card.

When the group met her at her small, but cozy home that doubles as her fortune-teller’s shop, she explained to them that they have a common enemy: Gaedren Lamm. According to her story, the vile man’s pickpockets had stolen her Harrow deck thus robbing her of her only means of support. Her son, Eran, tracked the thieves down, but his reward for finding them was that Gaedren had him killed. Seeking revenge, she told the group where Gaedren was hiding, asking them to take care of him.

The group agreed and after they managed to overwhelm and restrain him, they made a gruesome discovery among his collected “treasures”:

Zellara’s severed head, already decomposing, which means she must have been dead for weeks.

Zellara later appeared before the group and explained that she is indeed dead, killed by Gaedren Lamm. Her spirit, however, was bound to her magical Harrow deck, infusing the cards with power.

Zellara thought she was damned to this existence to take revenge on Gaedren Lamm and was surprised to find she is unable to move on into the afterlife now that justice has been served. She suspects a connection between her fate and Twitch’s, Sav’s, and Shakro’s destiny.

She has pledged to help and support them through the powers of her deck.


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