Verik Vancaskerkin

Verik Vancaskerkin is an (ex-) sergeant in the Korvosan Guard but has recently abandoned his post to set up shop at All the World’s Meat to apparently sell meat of questionable quality. He also convinced a number of other guards to follow him which is why Field Marshall Cressida Kroft is worried and has asked Sav, Shakro and Twitch to investigate.

Vancaskerkin is not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but he has always been opportunistic. To the surprise of many, he blazed through the lower ranks to make Watch Sergeant. With little more going for him than a fit physique, piercing eyes, and a winning smile, Vancaskerkin did pretty well for himself.

Vancaskerkin is in his early 20s, a man who escaped early from the streets of Riddleport to seek his fortune elsewhere.

After being overpowered and arrested by Sav, Shakro and Twitch during the raid on All the World’s Meat, he claimed that his plan was to feed the poor in the district during the current turmoil, thus trying to raise loyal followers. After being presented with an incriminating letter, he admitted that someone named V had come up with the idea and was pulling the strings in the background.

He claims to have no knowledge of any illegal business let alone body disposal scheme going on at the butchery.

Verik is currently in custody of the Korvosan Guard and awaiting interrogation.

Verik Vancaskerkin

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