Thousand Bones

Thousand Bones is an aging, blind shaman of the Shoanti Skoan-Quah tribe, and resides in the eastern portions of the Storval Plateau.

Thousand Bones is the major diplomatic contact for the peace talks between Korvosa and his tribe and acts as a go-between for negotiations with the other, more xenophobic tribes.

He approached Field Marshall Cressida Kroft after his grandson, Gaekhen, had fallen victim to a group of racist thugs during the recent unrest in Korvosa. Though troubled by the death of a family member, his main offense was the theft of the corpse by a necromancer named Rolth, which denied him to perform appropriate burial rites.

Twitch, Sav, and Shakro were tasked with retrieving the body from the necromancer’s alleged hideout in the city’s Gray district.

Thousand Bones

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