Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Wrath, Disaster, Destruction
Domains Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Weather, War
Subdomains Blood, Catastrophe, Demon, Protean, Rage, Storms
Favored Weapon Greataxe

Cleric Alignments:


Imprisoned since the Age of Creation, Rovagug (pronounced ROH-vah-gug) seeks only to destroy creation and the gods. Believed to be imprisoned in a state of torpor somewhere deep within Golarion, his increasingly restless stirrings are taken by many to be the cause of volcanic activity and earthquakes.

In a time so long ago that perhaps even the aboleth do not remember it, and before the entity known as Zon-Kuthon emerged from the Outer Darkness, Rovagug sought to destroy the world. Already an ancient being even then, Rovagug was responsible for the destruction of countless worlds. When he turned his gaze upon a new world he was opposed by an unlikely collection of gods: Abadar, Apsu, Asmodeus, Calistria, Dahak, Desna, Dou-Bral, Erastil, Gozreh, Pharasma, Sarenrae, Torag, along with a number of other gods from more remote parts of the world. Many gods died in this battle, but their names have been forgotten; certainly the gods who sided with the Rough Beast will never be remembered. Unable, or perhaps unwilling, to destroy him, the goddess Sarenrae sliced open a hole in the Material Plane, and the archdevil Asmodeus bound him with a key only the Prince of Darkness held. This prison, known as the Dead Vault, is believed to be connected to the Pit of Gormuz on the continent of Casmaron, in a region known as the Windswept Wastes and was sealed by the legendary Star Towers. It was an imperfect captivity, and 3923 years before Aroden raised the Starstone, his prison split open, and one of the terrible Spawn of Rovagug was discharged into an unsuspecting and already miserable world. It would be the first of a dozen unleashed over the next 5,000 years.

While Rovagug hates most deities equally, he reserves especial hatred for Sarenrae, who was instrumental in combating the Rough Beast long enough that the archdevil Asmodeus could imprison him. This hatred is returned by all other deities as well, and even feuding gods joined together to seal Rovagug away from the world. Rovagug is believed to have some relationship with the mysterious Groetus because of their mutual interest in destruction but he has no overt ties with the God of the End Times.


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