The human necromancer Rolth has long been a thorn in the Korvosan Guard’s side. A failed Acadamae student, Rolth is a monster of a man who was expelled after the true nature of his experiments were revealed. He was butchering vagrants, stray animals, and anything else he could get his hands on to try to build some sort of golem from their collected parts.

The Acadamae didn’t press charges because it didn’t want to cause a scene—it just quietly expelled him and the man’s been trouble ever since. The Guard suspect he is responsible for nearly a dozen slayings, each involving mutilation to the body, but to date they have not been able to find him or locate any of his lairs.

On their quest to retrieve a dead Shoanti youth’s missing corpse, Twitch, Sav, Shakro have discovered one of his lairs in the Dead Warrens below Korvosa’s Gray District.

Unfortunately, Rolth was not home and there was little clue as to where he might have relocated to.

Rolth reappeared a few weeks later at the side of the evil Dr Reiner Davaulus and his cabal of fake physicians, appparently working on “improvements” to the already viciously virulent blood veil plague, which the conspirators were spreading in Korvosa.

When their headquarters were raided, he managed to escape justice once more.


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