Queen's Physicians

The Queen’s Physicians were a group of doctors employed by Queen Ileosa Arabasti to battle the sudden and catastrophic outbreak of blood veil in Korvosa.

Its members were hand-picked by Dr Reiner Davaulus, a Chelaxian doctor from Egorian, who was also the de-facto head of the organization.

The Queen’s Physician had been equipped with all the necessary authority to work autonomously to fight blood veil, supported by the Gray Maidens, the Queen’s newly-founded elite guard.

As it turned out, the Queen’s Physician and their leader, supported by a few renegade Gray Maidens, were actually conspiring against the populace of Korvosa and had teamed up with a cult of Urgathoa to “improve” and spread blood veil as much as possible.

They were stopped by Shakro, Sav, Twitch and Gazel and officially dissolved by the Queen shortly after.

Queen's Physicians

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