Queen Ileosa Arabasti


Queen Ileosa Arabasti (pronounced ihl-ee-OH-sah air-ah-BAS-tee) is the current monarch of the Varisian city of Korvosa.

A bitter, cruel woman, Queen Ileosa only came to Korvosa from Cheliax to seduce and marry King Eodred II, in order to gain the lofty royal title she now holds. As the two of them have produced no children, should the king die, Ileosa gains the Crimson Throne. Ileosa has mixed feelings about this arrangement: she would be a queen, yes, but of a city she openly despises, calling Korvosa a “backwater colonial village.”

The queen has made no friends among the nobles and elites of Korvosa, and, much to her constant impotent fury and chagrin, some of the city’s most respected institutions
(such as the Sable Company and the Acadamae) pay her only minimal respect and otherwise ignore her. While many of the noble houses continue to publicly support her, the queen
knows through her spies that none of them truly want her in power.

Unless she finds a way to endear herself to an unruly city, the queen can expect to receive no lasting memorials.

After her husband died from a prolonged illness, the people of Korvosa were quick to suspect her behind it. Lucky for her, another suspect was quickly found: The poor painter Trinia Sabor, who had been hired to paint the King’s portrait just before he succumbed to the strange disease, was interrogated and found guilty in an outrageously quick process.

During the public execution of the kingslayer, Trinia was snatched away from under the axeman’s blade by Korvosa’s long-lost vigilante hero, Blackjack.

Fuming, the Queen had disappeared from the public stage for now, hoping that naming her husband’s “true killer” will put the festering dissent among her populace at rest.

A little while later, the Queen was forced to reappear on the public stage again by the outbreak of a virulent disease, the blood veil. In an effort to combat the plague, she sought help with an order of doctors called the Queen’s Physicians led by a Dr Reiner Davaulus, who was granted sole authority in the matter and protection by her personal bodyguard, the quickly growing order of the Gray Maidens.

Little has been heard from the Queen since appointing the doctors and even after the exposure of Dr Reiner Davaulus’ conspiracy against Korvosa, she has yet not made another appearance.

Queen Ileosa Arabasti

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