Posh and Turle

Situated at the west end of the famed but mysterious Avenue of Arms, the Posh and Turtle remains—as it has for more than a century—the finest inn and tavern in all of Korvosa.

Upon entering the establishment, it is difficult not to notice the glass flooring overlooking a wide but shallow sea cave. Within the cave lives a 20-foot-long sea turtle named Old Tom, who grew too large to escape through the narrow opening back out to the ocean. Narrow grates between the 5-foot-square floor panes act as frames and allow patrons and the waitstaff to drop food to Old Tom. Thick iron bars form a latticework of protection a couple feet beneath the glass, preventing Old Tom from smashing his way through the floor.

Three times per day, Thaviun Rigulus, the inn’s wizardly owner, magically cleans both Old Tom and the area of his sea cave directly below the inn to reduce the smell. While Old Tom explains the Turtle part of the establishment’s name (and indeed, up until a decade ago it was simply known as the Turtle Inn), the Posh appellation is not nearly as obvious. Most guess it refers to the inn’s high-quality furnishings and appointments, from its gold-leaf flatware to the emerald-studded wine glasses reserved only for the very best wines. The name predates these fine accoutrements, however, and comes from a time when the Turtle Inn housed pesh dealers, giving rise to the phrase “the pesh in Turtle.” Over time, natural evolution from slur-mouthed pesh-addicts corrupted the saying to “the Posh and Turtle.” When Thaviun bought the inn and infused it with gold earned while adventuring, he decided to adopt the local slang and change the inn’s name, hoping to upgrade its reputation and clientele. Over the past decade, he has succeed beyond even his wildest hopes.

Thaviun claims Posh and Turtle is the best inn north of Cheliax, an assertion that has created an unfriendly rivalry with the Goldlager in Magnimar. Rumors abound that the Goldlager’s owner, Brewmaster Rogehres Tarlo, has recently contacted the belligerent druids who prowl Korvosa’s docks. Indeed, the generally vocal but lazy druids have recently begun protesting in front of the Posh and Turtle, agitating for Old Tom’s release. On multiple occasions, the [[Korvosan Guard] has had to forcefully remove the druids, who promise retribution against Thaviun.

Posh and Turle

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