Olauren Carowyn

Olauren Carowyn was the last Lady Carowyn and married to Lord Ausio Carowyn.

The pair was known for their extravagant parties and their passion for rumors and gossip about Korvosa’s upper crust.

When they threw a party in the midst of the blood veil plague, however, their mansion was raided by a crazy necromancer. Dressed like a harlequin, she cackled and started to shoot crossbow bolts at the guests.

Those who were hit quickly succumbed to a ghastly disease that looked much like blood veil and then were resurrected as zombies to act out scenes in ghastly mockery of a party.

Olauren Carowyn was one of the unlucky victims of the insane sorceress, raised as a zombie but destroyed later on when a patrol of Gray Maidens did a sweep through the mansion.

Olauren Carowyn

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