Mantis Mask

Mantis Masks are exclusively worn by members of the order of the Red Mantis, a secretive and feared guild of assassins. As much as they are veils to hide the assassins’ identities, the insectile masks of the Red Mantis are tools of murder and death and symbols of dread to those they hunt.

Mantis Mask

Aura faint divination; CL 3rd
Slot head; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.


These red masks cover the entire face.

A mantis mask has three daily charges. The wearer can spend a charge to gain:

  • darkvision to a range of 60 feet
  • the effects of see invisibility
  • the effects of deathwatch, or
  • a +5 competence bonus on Perception checks.

Once a charge is spent, the effect granted persists for 30 minutes before fading.

Multiple effects can be active simultaneously. Charges used replenish after 24 hours.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, darkvision, see invisibility, deathwatch; Cost 3,000 gp

Mantis Mask

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