Items And Equipment

Specific or unusual weapons

bladed scarf a silk scarf lined with razor blades used as a traditional Varisian weapon

Pieces of art, valuables, and jewelry

A Brooch with a broken clasp a very valuable brooch allegedly stolen from the Queen herself

Wondrous Items

Zellara’s Harrow Deck a Harrow deck infused with the spirit of a Varisian fortune-teller named Zellara
Mantis Mask the distinctive and terrifying face mask of a Red Mantis assassin

Religious Items, Toys & Games

Harrow deck a deck of cards with colorful illustrations to be used in a Harrow reading or for a game of Towers


Shiver a potent, hallucinogenic drug made from the processed venom of the dream spider
Pesh hallucinogenic drug made from cacti

Items And Equipment

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