Girrigz Ripperclaws

Girrigz Ripperclaws is a wererat and somewhat of a firebrand living in Korvosa.

Girrigz always hated the place of his people. A true lycanthrope, he’s spent his entire 29 years of life as a wererat, feeling trapped beneath the boots of Korvosa’s people above. More than once, the rebellious wererat snuck up onto the streets to take out his hatred on beggars and other unsuspecting humans, seeing his predations as just revenge.

Less than a year ago, he took two silver crossbow bolts from a well-equipped Korvosan Guardsman who came upon him savaging a dockside tramp. Barely escaping with his life, Girrigz has since been a fiery and vocal member of the wererat community, urging his people to strike back against the weak humans above.

The lack of reason and cowardice of elder lycanthropes long stifled Girrigz’s warmongering, but the attacks from those above coming in the days since the plague finally gave the savage wererat revolutionary the following he needs. While he lacks the numbers and skill to truly threaten the city above, his blind hatred could easily lead to the deaths of hundreds.

After being severely bullied by fellow students at the Orisini Academy, even Skelt fell for his talk of revolution and a just war to end the racism once and for all.

Twitch, Sav, Shakro and Gazel managed to negotiate a moratorium on his impending assault on the city to try and prove that the wereat population at the very least has nothing to do with the blood veil plague, hoping that this revelation will cause prejudiced humans to reconsider their stance on the lycanthropes.

Girrigz Ripperclaws

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