Gilded Orrery

Most of the profits made by the semi-independent Gilded Orrery funnel directly into the Acadamae’s coffers. Specializing in items and texts in support of conjuring, the store nonetheless stocks a wide and impressively deep selection of other magical wares and books of arcane lore.

The Gilded Orrery deals in such a high volume of conjuration supplies that items related to magical summoning frequently bear discounts of up to one-quarter less than the normal price.

Every student of the Acadamae knows of and shops at the Gilded Orrery, as it works with the college to ensure it stocks the texts needed for every class each semester. Apprentices who graduate may sell back their texts to the school, albeit at such a low rate that most students consider it not worth the effort. Those graduates of the Acadamae who go on to make names for themselves can feel secure in knowing that any tomes they pen shall appear for sale within the shop. Book signings and discussions therefore occur frequently, usually at the pace of about one per month.

The proprietor of the shop, a plump little woman with wispy gray hairs and an easily formed if mirthless smile, is named Gasta Weagra, and is the niece of the Acadamae’s headmaster, Toff Ornelos. Gasta only sells to those affiliated with the Acadamae, those who can impress her with a bit of (non-damaging) arcane magic, or those of House Ornelos or its agents. She absolutely refuses to sell to the monarch or anyone affiliated with the monarchy. Members of the
public and outsiders can browse the shop and listen in on readings, but they cannot make purchases.

Gilded Orrery

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