Gaedren Lamm

Gaedren Lamm is a minor crime lord in Korvosa who has been abducting orphans and street urchins for decades. Calling them his ‘Little Lamms’ he forces them to commit petty crimes to support him and his organization. While a large portion of Korvosa’s lower classes have had dealings with Lamm, most of the city’s middle class and nobility are not even aware of his existence.

It seems that no matter what he does, he is never called to answer for his crimes.

But he has wronged the wrong people: Following up on a hint by a mysterious Varisian fortune-teller, Miikas “Twitch” Skiviks, Sav Dunid, and Shakro find and confront him in his lair.

After one of his henchmen, Yargin Balko, cut a deal with the Korvosan Guard, Gaedren was found guilty for numerous crimes and was executed as the opening act for the alleged kingslayer Trinia Sabor’s execution.

Gaedren Lamm

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