Devargo Barvasi

Devargo Barvasi, also known as the King of Spiders, is a crime lord who runs a gambling/brothel/drug den known as Eel’s End in Korvosa’s Old Korvosa district.

On Field Marshall Cressida Kroft’s orders, Twitch, Shakro, and Sav met Devargo in his “throne room” and negotiated a deal by bribing him heavily and entertaining him with a game of Knivesies, which Shakro won triumphantly. Devargo gave the group a few racy love letters, written by Ambassador Darvayne Gios Amprei, an ambitious and scheming ambassador of Cheliax, to the wife of an important Chelish noble.

A little while later, Twitch broke into Devargo’s “throne room” again and stole his captive pseudodragon Majenko, leaving a note indicating Devargo’s arch-rival Pilts Swastel as the culprit.

After an ill-fated attempt to confront his nemesis, Devargo was killed by Pilts Swastel.

Devargo Barvasi

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