Amin Jalento

During the riots following King Eodred II’s death, Amin Jalento, a young Korvosan noble, ran into a group of drunk thugs on his way back to the Heights. He was pushed around by them and probably escaped much worse when Sav, Shakro and Twitch showed up at the scene and scared the thugs away.

He was very grateful and left the group a reward of 5 Platinum Crowns.

Shakro encountered Amin again a while later under unlikely circumstances: He ran into him in Old Korvosa during the district’s quarantine after the blood veil plague. Shakro and his new allies (Stoven Skull, Gazel, and Noz’gun) were looking for Vencarlo Orisini and had just been attacked by Red Mantis assasins.

Amin was able to tell the group that the swordmaster, before disappearing, brought a visitor to the Academy at several occasions, the last of which ending in some sort of argument. Shortly thereafter, members of the Red Mantis raided the Academy, drove Vencarlo into hiding and burnt down the building.

Amin identified the visitor as Salvator Scream, a somewhat notorious artist from Old Dock. He also warned the group to watch out for the so-called Emperor of Old Korvosa, who controls Old Dock with his band of goons and thugs.

Amin Jalento

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