Absalom Reckoning

Absalom Reckoning or AR for short, is the most commonly used calendar in Avistan and Garund, and possibly all of Golarion. In Absalom Reckoning, the day of the month is always listed first, followed by the month and the year and generally suffixed with the letters “AR”.

It originates with the founding date of Absalom on 1 Abadius, 1 AR. In Absalom Reckoning, each day on Golarion has 24 hours, each week has seven days, and each year has 52 weeks. A year is also divided into 12 months, although once every eight years an extra day is added to the end of Calistril to make up for the slight variance in the planet’s orbit around the sun. The last leap year was 4708 AR, and the next will be 4712 AR.

Days of the week

Although most days of the week are assigned for work, a few also have other meanings in most Inner Sea region cultures.

  • Moonday: Generally a work day with some religions holding ceremonies at night.
  • Toilday: A work day.
  • Wealday: A work day.
  • Oathday: A work day on which it is often considered advantageous to sign contracts and oaths.
  • Fireday: A work day that is most often the market day.
  • Starday: A work day.
  • Sunday: Generally a day of rest and one devoted to religious observances.

Months of the year

Each of Absalom Reckoning’s months are associated with a specific deity.

Month Pronunciation Days Description
Abadius (ah-BAY-dee-us) 31 days The first month of the year, named in named in honor of Abadar.
Calistril (KAHL-izz-trihl) 28 days A late winter month named for Calistria, goddess of revenge.
Pharast (fah-RAHST) 31 days Named after Pharasma, the goddess of death.
Gozran (GOHZ-ran) 30 days A stormy month named for the god of the wind, Gozreh.
Desnus (DEZ-nuhs) 31 days A mild month named for the goddess Desna.
Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth) 30 days The sun goddess Sarenrae gives her name to this sun-blessed month.
Erastus (eh-RAS-tuhs) 31 days Named in honor of Erastil.
Arodus (AIR-oh-duhs) 31 days Although he is no longer widely worshiped, the summer month is named for the dead god Aroden.
Rova (ROH-va) 30 days The beginning of autumn is named after the violent god Rovagug. (Dwarves dispute naming a month after such a destructive and evil deity and instead name the ninth month Torawsh after their creator god, Torag.)
Lamashan (lah‑MAHSH‑ahn) 31 days Named for Lamashtu, the goddess of monsters.
Neth (NEHTH) 30 days Named for Nethys, the two-faced god of magic.
Kuthona (koo-THOH-nah) 31 days The shortest day of the year comes during the month named after the god of darkness, Zon-Kuthon.

Absalom Reckoning

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