Eodred Arabasti I deceased first king of Korvosa
King Eodred II recently deceased king of Korvosa
Queen Ileosa Arabasti the young queen of Korvosa
Queen Domina well-loved queen during the past golden age

Noble Houses

House Arkona a Great House and formerly impoverished noble family that has risen to the second wealthiest family in the city
House Jeggare a Great House and major noble family controlling much of the city’s economy
House Leroung a Great House and major noble family maintaining numerous libraries and educational institutions across Cheliax and in Andoran
House Ornelos a Great House and one of the most politically powerful noble houses in Korvosa that controls the Acadamae
House Zenderholm a Great House and the first noble house of Korvosa not of Dock Family stock, instead rising to power as Chelish immigrants through loyalty and political skill
House Endrin minor noble family with strong ties to the city’s military
House Bromathan minor noble family strongly associated with the city’s military, loyal to House Endrin
House Carowyn minor noble family known for their rumor-mongering and extravagant parties

City Officials

Boule guildmaster of the Cerulean Society
Marcus Thalassinus Endrin Commandat of the Sable Company
Syl Gar Magistrate of Expenditures
Neolandus Kalepopolis Former Seneschal of Castle Korvosa
Togomor Current— Seneschal of Castle Korvosa
Cressida Kroft Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard
Sabina Merrin Queen Ileosa’s handmaiden
Lolia Perenne Magistrate of Regulation
Garrick Tann Magistrate of Commerce
Zenobia Zenderholm Senior arbiter

Public Figures

Glorio Arkona de facto leader of Old Korvosa
Blackjack vigilante and hero of Korvosa
Devargo Barvasi crime lord running Eel’s End
Keppira d’Bear Bishop of the cathedral of Pharasma
Lictor Severs DiVri head of the Hellknight Order of the Nail
Toff Ornelos Acadamae headmaster
Vencarlo Orisini famous swordmaster and head of the Orisini Academy
Pilts Swastel owner of the brothel Exemplary Execrables (now burnt down) and self-styled Emperor of Old Korvosa
Darb Tuttle Archbanker of the Church of Abadar

Contacts and Associates

Vanken Caliere captain of the Fairweather, a trading vessel based out of West Dock
Theandra Darklight owner of the Three Rings Tavern in North Point
Ishani Dhatri cleric of Abadar and accountant at the Bank of Abadar
Amin Jalento young nobleman who was saved from a bunch of thugs during the riots after the King’s death
Majenko friendly pseudodragon
Deyanira Mirukova young woman saved from Rolth’s prisoner pits
Girrigz Ripperclaws wererat firebrand who is about to start a war between rat-like and humans
Trinia Sabor pauper painter and alleged murderer of King Eodred II
Grau Soldado childhood friend of Sav Dunid and member of the Korvosan Guard
Tayce Soldado washerwoman in Trail’s End; sister-in-law of Grau Soldado
Thousand Bones Shoanti shaman and Way-Keeper for the Skoan-Quah
Eries Yelloweyes a second-hand fishmonger from Old Korvosa
Zellara a Varisian fortune-teller from Old Dock

Gaedren’s Gang

Gaedren Lamm minor crime lord and generally despicable human being
Yargin Balko (somewhat) magically adept henchman of Gaedren’s
Giggles one of Gaedren’s henchmen and his acting quartermaster
deceitful gnome henchman posing as one of the Little Lamms
Little Lamms street-urchins and orphans abducted and press-ganged into service by Gaedren

Korvosan Guard Deserters

Verik Vancaskerkin renegade sergeant running All the World’s Meat
Baldrago, Malder, Parns, and Karralo ex-guards in league with Verik Vancaskerkin

The Necromancer

Rolth necromancer haunting Korvosa
insane harlequin possible ally or even lover of Rolth
Vreeg derro (self-proclaimed?) apprentice of Rolth
Cabbagehead ogrekin henchman of Rolth
Carrion golem unstable, monstrous construct created by Rolth

The Plague Bringers

Dr Reiner Davaulus head of the Queen’s Physicians
Cult of Urgathoa a cult of the goddess of disease operating in Korvosa
Rolth necromancer haunting Korvosa
vampire from Ustalav an old vampire with an Ustalavian accent


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