Midnight's Teeth

The Midnight’s Teeth are a sacred relic of great import to the Shoanti. According to Neolandus Kalepopolis, it was kept somewhere inside the pyramid that now serves as Castle Korvosa’s foundation.

Neolandus further suspects that the Midnight’s Teeth are in fact an artifact from the legacy of a warlord and general of Zon-Kuthon named Kazavon, who brought the orcs of the Hold of Belkzen to their knees before attacking Ustalav and Lastwall several hundred years ago. Eventually, he was beaten and his remains scattered. According to the legend, some of his essence prevailed in the artifacts he left behind.

The description of the Queen’s new crown sounds to Neolandus as if she now wears the teeth on her brow, the implications of which trouble him greatly.

Hard facts about Midnight’s Teeth remain sparse, since Korvosa‘s founders didn’t think it important to preserve much in the way of Shoanti culture. Yet the Shoanti have very strong oral traditions, and if anyone knows the truth behind Midnight’s Teeth, that truth is doubtless hidden among their historians up in the Cinderlands.

Midnight's Teeth

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