Tag: Magistrate


  • Garrick Tann

    [[File:501449 | class=media-item-align-right | 180px-GarrickTann.jpg]]Often called 'the most hated man in [[Korvosa]]', Garrick Tann is the Magistrate of Commerce, the man who oversees the collection of taxes in the city.

  • Lolia Perenne

    Once a priest of [[Abadar]], the current Magistrate of Regulation is tasked with the maintenance of weights and measurements—much of her office’s time is spent seeking out faulty scales, shaved coins, and other attempts by merchants and customers to cheat …

  • Syl Gar

    If [[Garrick Tann]] is one of [[Korvosa]]'s most hated officials, Magistrate of Expenditures Syl Gar is one of the most loved—his responsibility is to see to it that city taxes are spent properly and efficiently on public works.