Tag: Education


  • Acadamae

    The Acadamae is a wizard's college in [[Korvosa]] which attracts students from as far away as distant [[Geb]]. Although it teaches all eight modern schools of magic, it specializes in conjuration, and requires its pupils to pass a difficult exam in …

  • Theumanexus College

    The Theumanexus College is a small wizard school in the district known as [[East Shore]] in the city of [[Korvosa]]. The Theumanexus College teaches generalist theories of the arcane. Those specialist wizards who graduate tend to be students from the …

  • Toff Ornelos

    The [[Acadamae]] is the most prestigious school of magic in [[Varisia]], and as its headmaster, Toff is one of the region’s most respected and powerful wizards.